"a crisp presence" - Chicago Sun Times

"a master storyteller at work" - Chicago Tribune

"the designated gay trickster" - Stage and Cinema



Peter is a comedian, writer and actor who can be seen in the upcoming season of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'. His other TV credits include: 'Shrink', 'NCIS', and 'Electric Dreams'. On stage, he can found monthly at ‘Suddenly Stand Up’ (UCB Sunset), ‘Gaybut’ (Acme Noho), and improvising with 'The Gale' at The Groundlings Theater. His other credits include: 2018 CBS Diversity Showcase, UCB's Maude Night, The Second City e.t.c. (Jeff Nominated Actor), The Second City Touring Company, writing for Cards Against Humanity, hosting 'The Moth' at Los Globos, and his podcasts: 'Ajumma Show' and 'Slumber Party'. Bookings: APA & Artists First 



upcoming shows

SUN - 3/3 @ 9PM: Van Nuys Comedy Club (Springbok)

THU - 3/7 @ 8:30PM: Suddenly Stand Up (UCB SUNSET Inner Sanctum)

MON - 3/11 @ 8PM: The Gale (The Groundlings Theater)

WED - 3/13 @ 7:30: The Moth (Busby’s East)

FRI - 3/15 @ 8PM: Shame Shame, But Different (Solo Show @ Santa Monica Playhouse)

SAT - 3/23 @ 11AM: Comedy Panel @ Kollaboration

SUN - 3/24 @ 7PM: Shame Shame, But Different (Solo Show @ Santa Monica Playhouse)

FRI - 3/29 @ 8PM: Gaybut (ACME NOHO)