Pay Peter Kim

Now that I'm unemployed, I decided to create a website where future employers, collaborators and rich daddies can find, hire and most importantly PAY ME.

During my search for a domain name that really fit my brand, I realized that there were so many PETER KIM's already out there. Most of them are biochemists, doctors, economists and other jobs that Korean parents would be proud of. Good thing my mom doesn't use Google!

I'll be blogging here instead of flapping my gums on Facebook because let's face it, the echo chamber of FB can be deafening (god let this election be over #ImWithHer). Since leaving Second City, I decided to take a step back from sketch and improv and concentrate on stand up, storytelling and writing. So check back frequently, or add the RSS thing or whatever you do for feeds. Hope, at the least, we can spark a dope convo.

In the meantime, if you wanna see me live, check out the SHOWS page for updates and make sure to check out 'Crowd Sourced w/ Peter Kim' 8:30PM Monday nights at Judy's Beat Lounge @ The Second City Training Center.

xoxo - PK